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Sponsoring A Pet at the DSPCA makes an ideal gift for you or someone you know who values and cares about Animals. By choosing to Sponsor one of our Animals in the programme, you are contributing towards the cost of their care here at the shelter and supporting the thousands of animals that need our help each year.

Sponsors will receive:

A Personalised photo cert of their sponsor pet
A DSPCA Car Sticker
A DPSCA draw string bag
A DSPCA star decoration


Sponsor a Pet - Our Stories

Kiz's Story

Kiz arrived to the DSPCA in early 2020 after he was found abandoned in the Dublin area. He was only 12 weeks old. His body condition was very poor, he was weak and emotionally shut down…..

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Pluto's Story

Pluto is one of those stories that we will never forget. He came into the shelter after he was found as a stray. To say he was completely shut down and terrified of everything is an understatement…..
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Peru's Story

Peru arrived to the DSPCA in 2017 as a feral cat with newborn kittens. She reared her kittens at the shelter in a safe environment until they were old enough to find homes of their own…..

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Casper's Story

Casper was found by a member of the public with a chain wrapped around his neck. There was a concrete block attached to the chain which he had been dragging around behind him…..

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