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Kiz arrived to the DSPCA in early 2020 after he was found abandoned in the Dublin area. He was only 12 weeks old. His body condition was very poor, he was weak and emotionally shut down. Kiz was far too young to have been away from his mother. Sadly she was no where to be found. Rehabilitating orphan foals can be very challenging as they are vulnerable.

Thankfully after months of slowly building him up, both physically and emotionally, Kiz has made a great recovery. He gets daily visits from his career Claire and he now trusts humans and allows them to brush him, pet him and hand feed him. It has been a joy to watch him flourish and grow healthy and strong. Kiz loves to be out in the good weather with his pals. You can see Kiz along our nature trail at the DSPCA, he gets very giddy and excited when he sees new people and will happily trot over to say hello.

Sponsoring A Pet at the DSPCA makes an ideal gift for you or someone you know who values and cares about animals. By choosing to Sponsor one of our animals in the programme, you are contributing towards the cost of their care here at the shelter and supporting the thousands of animals that need our help each year.

Your Sponsor a Pet pack includes:
Photo & Information card of your sponsored pet
DSPCA Car Sticker
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