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Companies that care

The DSPCA are committed to working with our corporate partners
and sponsors and will continue to form strong relationships with
organizations and companies who support our mission and values.

We work with many companies across different sectors who volunteer, support and fundraise. Choosing the DSPCA to work with is a great way for your company to engage staff, clients, customers and stakeholders to come together for one common goal. When a company chooses a charity to work with, you want the partnership to be something that your workforce and community are excited about contributing to and supporting.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It has become more important than ever for organizations to make meaningful choices that will benefit the community, it’s workforce and environmental impact. Partnering with a charity that helps animals, people and nature can have huge impact and bring about real change.

Our Corporate Partners



Purina is the official nutrition partner for the DSPCA.  A partnership that we are very grateful for and spans over 10 + years, seeing over 300,000 meals and treats being supplied for the dogs and cats in our care.

The DSPCA rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes nearly 3,000 animals every year through our services. Purina ensures that all dogs and cats start their journey with a proper nutritional plan, which contributes positively towards their recovery and transition into a new home.

The partnership also provides a platform to raise awareness on the importance of responsible pet ownership and the value of the pet human bond.

Joanne McKenna, Country Category Manager Ireland, Purina PetCare:


“Purina is delighted to have a long-standing, decade plus partnership with the DSPCA, providing all the food and nutrition for cats and dogs in the care of the DSPCA, contributing positively to the charity’s work to rehome cats and dogs annually . The partnership sees both organisations coming together to promote the importance of animal health and wellbeing and demonstrate the positive impact of pet ownership for individuals and families.”




Allianz Insurance is the leading Pet Insurance provider in Ireland and with their support we are able to enhance our rehoming programme through the advocacy of responsible pet ownership.

Protecting our pet’s health and wellbeing is something we feel very strongly about at the DSPCA so we are proud to align with an organisation like Allianz that share our mission and values.



Corporate Fundraising and Partnerships


Fundraising At Work

There are lots of ways to fundraise at work!

  • Bake Sales
  • Dress down or up days
  • Dare days
  • Sports challenges are just some of the ways your company can fundraise and support the work of the DSPCA.

Charity of The Year

Choose DSPCA as your your charity of the year!

This is a great way for your company to engage staff, clients and board members to come together for one common goal.

When a company chooses a charity to work with, you want the partnership to be something that your workforce and community of customers are excited about contributing to and supporting.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Kennel Sponsorship & Naming Opportunities

Our dog & cat kennels in the rehoming buildings are a prime location for companies to showcase their brand, support and commitment to the DSPCA.

Each dog kennel will house on average 11 dogs per year. Each cat kennel will house on average 8 cats per year.
On average we will get 50,000+ visitors annually who walk through this building.

You will receive regular updates of the dogs & cats that reside in the kennels and when they have been adopted.

We will do 2 social media posts a year to highlight the sponsorship

To find out more or discuss alternative opportunities please email

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Join Team DSPCA


Fundraising At Work

Would you join Team DSPCA and take on the VHI Mini Marathon or the Dublin Marathon, in aid of the DSPCA?


Hell and Back

Some of the animals we care for have literally been to hell and back.

Would you do the same and help raise vital funds for the DSPCA?

DSPCA Events

Sign up to fundraise for the DSPCA

Fill out the Fundraising Registration Form below and a member of our team will be in touch. You can also contact Becky on (01) 499 4717 or email