Thank you for choosing to adopt a pet from the DSPCA. The shelter is open to the public Tuesday to Sunday from 12-4pm and you not need to make an appointment to visit. Please do check back for opening hours during Bank Holidays.

Our adoptions team are experts in helping families find the right pet and are there to help you with any questions that you might have. We rehome cats, dogs, equines and small furries including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats. We also rehome reptiles and birds. Read some of our happy Adoption Stories here.


Adopting a Dog

Dog Adoption Process

  • View The Dogs

    View the dogs available for adoption and read their profile.

  • Register Your Interest

    Register your interest for a dog that you are interested in adopting. Please note a visit to the shelter is required to activate all applications.

    The adoptions team contact every single application received so please do be patient. If you do not hear from them within one week you may have missed a call. You can email to follow up *or better yet visit the shelter during opening hours to meet with the team.*

    If you do not see a dog that fits your requirements or if you are interested in a dog that is not up as suitable for your needs, you can book a private consultation with our adoptions team to discuss your options.

  • Dog/ Family Meet

    Everyone in the family must be on board to adopt and everyone must meet the dog before adoption. You can visit the shelter Tues -Sun between 12-4pm or outside if these hours by appointment.

    If you have an existing dog this meet must be done by an appointment, this will be pre-arranged with the adoptions team after your interest is registered.

  • Complete The Adoption

    Adoptions are carried out by appointment only. An adoption consultant will arrange a suitable day with you after you have met the dog and your application has been approved.

    The adoption fee for a puppy is €295 and €245 for adult dogs.

    The adoption fee is paid in full at your adoption and you will be required to bring Photo ID and proof of address with you. You will bring home your new pet on your adoption day


Adopting a Cat

Cat Adoption Process

  • View The Cats Online

    View the cats available for adoption and read their profile.

  • Register Your Interest

    Register Your Interest for the cat you are interested in adopting. All applications received will be contacted by email to advise of the next step.

    (You can also visit the shelter and register your interest during your visit with a member of the team).

  • Visit the shelter

    Visit the shelter and talk to an adoption consultant about the cat the you have registered your interest in.

  • Complete the adoption

    Adoptions are carried on out at the shelter on specific days. One of the cattery team will arrange a suitable day with you.

    The adoption fee of €135 per cat/kitten is paid in full at your adoption and you will be required to bring Photo ID and proof of address with you.

  • Going home

    You must have a safe and secure cat carrier to bring your cat/kitten home on your adoption day. A plastic or cardboard container/bag or a blanket is NOT suitable to transport you new pet home in. If you are attending any future vet visits to the shelter they MUST be in their cat carrier.


Adopting a Small Animal

Small Animal Adoption Process

  • Do your research

    Do research on the  necessary care and housing (taking into account the correct cage size required) on the type of small animal that you are interested in adopting; rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, birds, reptiles etc, to make sure a small is the right pet for you.

    Note: If there is an existing rabbit in your home please research “Bonding Rabbits Together”

  • Register Your Interest

    Register your interest for a small animal that you are interested in adopting.

  • Discuss application

    An adoption consultant will give you a call within a week of receiving your application.

  • Adoption day

    An appointment will be made for you to complete your adoption for the animal that you have applied for.


Adopting an Equine

Horse Adoption Process

  • Register Your Interest

    Please register your interest by emailing our equine manager Claire at

Adoption Stories

Jordan’s Story

Jordan waited 500 days in the shelter to find that someone special to adopt him. He came into the shelter as a terrified stray with a very bad skin condition and hair loss. He was so terrified that he tried to jump out a window when our vets tried to examine him.

Our adoptions team worked so hard to help him trust people. It took months for him to feel safe and happy walking on a lead. Jordan liked his own space and routine for him was so important. We helped this old boy recover from his physical neglect and helped him to trust us and to not be afraid.

We did numerous appeals to find a home for Jordan. A family called to say they would like to come and meet him so he got all dressed up in his bow tie to meet them. They never showed and when we posted a photo of him waiting for them in his kennel he became a bit of a celebrity on the internet! Jordan’s photo went everywhere and because of this Jordan finally found his forever home! He is going great and has even managed to be brave enough to jump up on the couch!

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Angel’s Story

At 12 years old Angel found herself in a shelter through no fault of her own. Sadly her owner had to go into a home and couldn’t care for her anymore. Angel was loved so much and because she was such a good girl her owner gave her lots of treats. Angel had to be put on a strict diet because her weight was making it was uncomfortable for her to was and her she was in a lot of pain. This sweet girl spent a long tie with us on the shelter getting weekly weigh ins. We did a few adoption appeals for her but sadly no home came from it.

The staff in the cattery loved Angel so much as did all the visitors that they decided to adopt her! She is now part of the furniture in our cattery where she lives a very happy life meeting and greeting all the visitors. Be sure to say hi to her when you visit.

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Bebe’s Story

Bebe waited 187 days in our shelter to find that someone special who would love him as much as we did. He originally came from Dublin County Dog Shelter with a skin condition and feeling very low. This boy completely stole the hearts of the Adoptions team, and they worked very hard to get him ready for adoption so that he could find the perfect home.

Bebe needed a home as the only dog and an owner who would be will ing to continue with his training. That perfect family came along and Bebe is now living an amazing life with the best family that he could have asked for

Every dog in our shelter is difference and our team work very hard to make sure they find the right home for each of them. We are proud of what we do and and seeing them go home makes every second worthwhile.

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Renee’s Story

13 year old Renee was a loyal and loving family pet for many years. She lived along side her life canine companion who sadly passed away a few months. We all know to lose a family member or someone close to us can effect us in many ways. Renee suffered from this, we suspect of a broken heart. She required extra love and attention from her family to help her heel but sadly their decision, after trying to help her, was to surrender her.

We did a big appeal for poor Renee on social media and we blown away with the amount of love and support that she received from everyone. We are very happy say to we found Renee the most wonderful home. She is happy again and she is loved. When considering adopting don’t forget the senior pets that are in shelters – they deserve so much and a shelter is really no place for an old soul.

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Delphi’s Story

Delphi came to the DSPCA from another rescue to find a loving home. He was just the sweetest boy who adored being around people and fancied himself as a bit of a lapdog. Delphi is deaf and this did make it a little more difficult for him to find a home but we knew his perfect humans were out there somewhere. He waited 159 days to find them… but boy was his wait worth it!

Being deaf didn’t stop Delphi from being and happy playful and loving dog. People who met him were worried about him being more difficult but he has settled right into his home and he is the perfect dog!

There is a dog out there for everyone, you just need to be opened minded and when you visit the DSPCA please talk to our Adoptions team and they will find the perfect dog for you

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Lil Frank’s Story

Back in early July, Lil Frank and his mother arrived into the shelter. Lil Frank was very sick with 2 very sore eyes and unfortunately one of his eyes had to be removed. It has been a long road to recovery for Lil Frank and tomorrow he is seeing an eye specialist to see how his other is doing and we’re all hoping for good news. We know that he has some vision and he loves playing and chasing anything that moves.

We did a special appeal to find a special person to adopt him. He received lots of lovely messages and thankfully his story reached far and wide and because of this he found an amazing home!

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Xena’s Story

Xena came to the DSPCA from the Dublin County Dog Shelter after her owner sadly passed away. She was very confused and sad as to what was happening to her. The moment we met her we knew she was a very special girl and like every dog in our care we were determined to find her a wonderful home. This recent message from her new family just made our hearts explode.

“23 days since we were blessed with Xena coming into our lives and 19 days since she came home with us. She is the happiest little girl and has already brought so much love and happiness into our lives. She is the best cuddle partner, walking buddy, nap accomplice, and has not lost her madness when it comes to a tennis ball being thrown in the park. We went up to the DSPCA looking to adopt a kitten but turns out fate had brought us there for this gorgeous girl and we are so grateful to the team at the shelter who kept her spirits high until we could welcome her into our home. Queen Xena has found her forever home”

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