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Pet Guardian

We Are Here to Help

In the event of your death, incapacitation or move into residential care, the DSPCA is here to help.As Ireland’s largest and oldest animal welfare charity we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your pet(s) are cared for. If you would like to know more about becoming a member of the DSPCA Pet Guardian Programme, please read on.The DSPCA’s Pet Guardian programme has been designed to give pet owners peace of mind. In the event of your death, do you have a solid plan in place for your pet(s)? If you have no family or friends that can offer your beloved pet(s) a home, we can.

How it Works

Very simply, this is how it works:

Become a member of our Pet Guardian Programme:

  • Insert wishes into your will, that in the event of your death your pet is to be taken into the care of the DSPCA.
  • Make a bequest to the DSPCA in your will, and have your family or next of kin aware of your wishes.

In the event of your death:

We will collect your pet(s) and bring them to the DSPCA’s state of the art facility.

  • We will provide your pet(s) with love and care while trying to find them the most suitable home.
  • A full veterinary check will be given & we will contact your vet for a full health history.
  • We will carry out a pre & post home check on your pets new owners and make sure they are giving them the love & attention they deserve.

More Information

We will endeavour to honour your wishes for your pet(s) future.This service is available to all pet owners throughout Ireland.