Rehabilitation and care begins immediately when an animal arrives to the DSPCA from situations of cruelty, neglect and abandonment. The rehabilitation process can take anything from days to months depending on the severity of illness or injury. It takes specialised knowledge, skill and facilities which the DSPCA is committed to providing for every animal, both domestic and wild in preparation for rehoming or release.

Our animal care teams, who are enhanced and supported by our volunteer and foster network, work alongside the veterinary department, helping each and every animal through the recovery process ensuring they receive lots of love, care and nutritional support before they enter our adoptions programme.


Our Vet team comprises of 4 vets, 3 nurses and 2 ACA’s who work cohesively providing critical care, carry out lifesaving surgeries and perform over 3000 neuter/spay operations through our programmes each year. The team also provides ongoing care and veterinary support to over 300 animals in our foster network and run a mobile clinic 2 evenings a week to reach a wider client base of people who are struggling to care for their pets.

The DSPCA vet team work closely with UCD Veterinary School where students get to experience Shelter Medicine and gain a valuable insight into working with a broad and diverse range of animals, both domestic and wild.

If you are a new graduate and are considering a role in shelter medicine, please email your CV to Mandy

Our Rescue stories

Finn’s Story

Finn arrived to the DSPCA after being found by the side of the road completely shut down and emaciated. You would not think for one moment that underneath the swollen, infected, sad face staring back at us was a happy go lucky, lovable, funny and goofy boy. Finn spent over 6 months under our care with our amazing  animal care staff , adoption team and vets who together not only healed his wounds but mended his broken heart. Thanks to…

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Abigail’s Story

Abigail came to the DSPCA from another rescue. She broke her hearts when we saw her arriving into the shelter. She was emaciated and so terrified of everything around her. This poor girl had been through a life of hell and it was so incredibly sad to see. Abigail was a true little angel. She was so sweet and gentle and even through she has been through so much she was so loving and never wanted to do wrong. She…

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Renata’s Story

Renata arrived into the shelter in a terrible state and very unwell. At 12 years old she was underweight, infested with fleas, had skin disease, was very unsteady on her back legs, had dental disease and a heart scan revealed early signs of heart disease. Over the weeks in our care sweet Renata thankfully responded well to treatment and slowly but surely she started to feel so much better. We are so pleased to say that she found the most…

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Gandalf’s Story

At 11 years old Gandalf was left abandoned in a horrible state, severely underweight and suffering from skin disease. Apart from toilet breaks he didn’t leave his bed for the first 2 days, he was exhausted. An incredible team of inspectors, vets, nurses, animal care staff, volunteers and the adoptions team put their hearts and souls into helping this old boy feel better. A truly wonderful family came to meet him and offered their hearts and their home to give…

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Violets’s Story

Poor little Violet came into the shelter in a horrible state with severe matting all over her body and skin inflammation. She was covered in her own feces with a huge build up making it very painful and extremely uncomfortable for her. The bone on her tail was completely exposed and even under sedation it was painful to touch. Our veterinary team worked very carefully to remove the matted fur and after she was cared for and monitored closely by…

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“You can’t change a dog’s past but you can rewrite their future”

Our Animal Care Team

Our animal care team are front line when it comes to caring for the thousands of animals we rescue every year at the DSPCA. They are responsible for the day to day care of the animals from intake until they are ready to move to our rehoming centre. Alongside our veterinary team, they assist with medication and are responsible for the animals wellbeing, nutrition and daily exercise.

Animal care also work closely with our adoptions team and work collaboratively during the rehabilitation journey. Working together they ensure every dog receives the best of enrichment, socialisation and training which helps set them up for a successful transition into their new homes. We are incredibly lucky to have a such caring and passionate people who go the extra mile every day to help all the animals in our care and help make more happy ending and successful adoption stories.

“You can’t change a dog’s past but you can rewrite their future”