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Pluto is one of those stories that we will never forget. He came into the shelter after he was found as a stray. To say he was completely shut down and terrified of everything is an understatement. Poor Pluto would not leave his kennel without being carried. He was so scared and afraid it was just heartbreaking. We spent months helping Pluto and slowly he started to trust us, especially adoptions staff and dog trainer Tanya. She brought Pluto home with her every night so that he would never be alone.

Pluto then formed a special bond with staff member Graham. One day while out walking a loud noise frightened Pluto and he ran away. He was missing for over a week and every day staff went out to look for him. Thankfully he was found but sadly he had been hit by a car and he had to have his leg amputated. Pluto was adopted by Graham and he now has a new sister Gizmo. He’s a very happy boy and comes to work every day with Graham and Gizmo.

Sponsoring A Pet at the DSPCA makes an ideal gift for you or someone you know who values and cares about animals. By choosing to Sponsor one of our animals in the programme, you are contributing towards the cost of their care here at the shelter and supporting the thousands of animals that need our help each year.

Your Sponsor a Pet pack includes:
Photo & Information card of your sponsored pet
DSPCA Car Sticker
DSPCA Drawstring Bag
DSPCA Star Decoration
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