Pet Adoptions

Every year our adoptions team help families find the right the pet for them and are there to help and guide them through the adoption process. We find home for cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles and birds. The adoption team will make sure that the pet you are adopting is the right pet for you, your family and your lifestyle.

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Equines
  • Small Furries
    Small Furries
  • Birds & Reptiles
    Birds & Reptiles

Responsible pet ownership is key to having a happy pet. We encourage you read about responsible pet ownership here before you consider welcoming a pet into your home.

We can also help families who can not care for their existing pets. We are here to help the sick, injured and creully treated animals and they are our priority. We can take in owners pets when we have space. There is a waiting list and we will contact you when we have space to take in your pet. We will ALWAYS take back a pet that was adopted from the DSPCA please contact the adoptions team directly to arrange this if required.