The Shelter

The Shelter

The DSPCA resides on a 32 acre site based at the foothills of the Dublin mountains on the Mount Venus Road in Rathfarnham. The areas on public view include the dog and cat rehoming centres, stables, small animal areas, pig enclosure and our goat and fowl runs. Our shop based in the main shelter reception sells a full range of pet supplies, pet food, pet accessories and DSPCA Merchandise.

 Perimeter Walk

The DSPCA has a Perimeter Walk which is open to the public between the hours of 12 - 4pm.  It is a 1.5KM route around the grounds and perimeter of the shelter. Our walk has stunning views over Dublin City, the Hellfire Club and Dublin Bay. There are picnic benches where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings. Our shelter is dog friendly and there is a coffee shop "Ruff Cafe" on site where you can bring your dog and enjoy a coffee and a tasty lunch.


As part of the DSPCA’s commitment to work towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly animal shelter we created and built an Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICW). This area treats all waste water that is generated from the DSPCA’s day to day activities. It is a low operational, cost effective and zero-energy treatment system. ICW’s are man-made marsh wetlands inspired by natural wetlands, including swamps, bogs, marshes and ferns.

The DSPCA wetlands extends over 4.5 acres and also provides a range of habitats for the local ecology, providing shelter and feeding grounds for a range of species and wildlife. Bacteria and microorganisms living in the water, soil and on the planting break down and remove pollutants from the waste water. The plants also help by using the nutrients, slowing the flow of water which makes the particles drop to the floor of the Wetlands allowing them to be broken down and absorbed back in the Ecosystem.