Help With Your Pet

Help With Your Pet

We are here for all pet owners and can offer advice and support to those who are having difficulty with their pets.

 I can’t look after my pet anymore

We can help families who can not care for their pets and find them new homes. Make sure that you have really thought long and hard about giving up your pet to the DSPCA before starting this process. As a rescue we do have a waiting list for Owner Surrenders so please be patient with us. Once your completed Owner Surrender form has been submitted a staff member will contact you when we have space to take in your pet.

 Owners Surrender Forms

 I adopted my pet from the DSPCA and can’t care for it anymore

We will ALWAYS take back a pet that was adopted from the DSPCA. Please do not attempt to sell him/her online. Please email the adoptions team at [email protected] to arrange for your DSPCA adopted pet to be returned to the shelter.

 I need help with training my dog

We have a wonderful dog training team here at the DSPCA who can offer training classes for dogs of all ages and breeds. Please visit the DSPCA Dog training website here

 I can’t afford veterinary care for my pet

The DSPCA run a mobile veterinary clinic 2 evenings a week offering affordable veterinary services for people in receipt of Social Welfare Payments. Read more here