Ancol Shampoo Blue Velvet


The Ancol Blue Velvet Shampoo incorporates rosemary, pine, and camphor essential oils for an energetic scent and thorough clean. Designed for dogs with white coats it contains pine oil to strip away dust for a thorough cleanse and shine restoration.

The pine oil, rosemary, and camphor give this shampoo a herbaceous and energising scent.
The Ancol dog shampoo range is designed to make your dog smell gorgeous and give them a glossy coat and wagging tail. All Ancol shampoos contain essential oils. Naturally strong and effective, essential oils are incorporated for their cleaning properties, beautiful scent and wholesome skin and coat care. Each Ancol shampoo has a unique purpose.

This is to ensure that there is a shampoo for all fur coat types, though every shampoo is gentle enough for your dog’s or puppy’s skin. The Ancol dog shampoo range is cleverly concentrated.
It is diluted just before use, which allows us to pack 20 washes into one 200ml bottle. Recently introduced is the larger 500ml size which lasts even longer and packs 50 washes per bottle!

This is the 200ml bottle which contains 20 washes