“If I were a cat… I’d spend all my nine lives with you! Adopt me?” Max

  • Name:Max
  • Pet ID number:18285
  • Breed:Medium Active Crossbreed
  • Age:1 Years
  • Gender:Male
  • Suitability:Teenagers 16+
  • Live with another dog:No (we are open to a gradual exposure with the right dog)
  • Live in an apartment:No
  • Live with a cat:No
  • Training Requirements:Training to help him settle into a new home.
  • Country of Origin:Ireland
  • Microchip:972274200345783
  • Adoption Status:Available for Adoption


Max came into the DSPCA as his owners could no longer take care for him. He has a goof ball personality and loves human attention. He is very affectionate and can bond with a person very quickly. Max was thought to be a terrier when he was a pup but grew considerably bigger than expected, we are not 100% sure what breeds he is crossed with but guess he has some sort of working breed in the cross, he is super smart. Due to the lack of stability he has had in his short life, he struggles with alone time. He will need a family that will give him the time, patience and training that he will need to help him settle into a new environment, a busy household could be good for Max or a home where someone is home most of the time. He is an energetic and intelligent dog that would suit an active family keen on hiking and outdoor activities. He loves his toys especially his KONG toys filled with tasty treats.

Max enjoyed an offsite group walk and  was the best boy! He traveled well in the car, settled really quickly around the other dogs so with the right dog we think he has the potential to live in a home with another dog and this could help with his separation anxiety. He is progressing with his training mainly is stress relies around you leaving  and when he can see you through a window but settles but settles when he is alone, he is not destructive in his kennel.

This boy would thrive with an experienced owner.

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