Adopting with Children (information only)

  • Name:Adopting with Children; this application is information only, please do not apply below. You must visit the shelter to start the process. You will not be contacted if you apply below.
  • Breed:All Breeds
  • Age:All ages
  • Gender:Male / Female
  • Suitability:All ages
  • Live with another dog:Discussed upon application.
  • Live in an apartment:Discussed upon application.
  • Live with a cat:Discussed upon application.
  • Training Requirements:Training & management is a must with children in the home.
  • Country of Origin:Ireland
  • Microchip:N/A
  • Adoption Status:Available for Adoption

What to do when you are looking to adopt and have children in the home.

Step 1 is visit the shelter and chat to a member of the adoptions team. Do this even if you don’t see a dog you think is suited to you on the website. We regularly rehome puppies and adult dogs to children of all ages but these dogs are highly sought after and they go up and down very quickly on the website. Our team will support you in finding the right dog for your family but you must visit the shelter to activate an application and start the process. You will need to bring your children with you for the visit. We want to make dog adoption more accessible for families with children but we need your active participation in the process to help you with this.

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