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Have you a plan in place for your pet should anything happen to you?

We care about your pets and we care about what happens to them should anything happen to you. The DSPCA’s Pet Guardian Programme is a service available for pet owners nationwide, so there is no need to worry.

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A Wonder Facility

A wonderful facility

We will help ease your mind and put all your worries to bed as we can take in your pet should anything happen to you. We have a wonderful facility here at the DSPCA and all our staff are so dedicated and caring and love all animals.

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Our vet team will check your pet for any medical issues.

Our animal care staff will look after your pet giving lots of cuddles and reassurance.

Our adoptions team will find your pet a truly wonderful loving home when the time is right.

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Suzanne is just a phone call away and she can answer any of your questions and guide you through our Pet Guardian Programme.

087 244 0815

DSPCA Pet Guardian Programme

Because we care about your pet as much as you do.