Charlie’s Case

Dublin woman ordered to pay €13,000 over emaciated Shih Tzu & prolonged starvation. Yesterday in court the owner of Charlie, a 5 year old Shih Tzu was banned from owning a pet for 5 years and fined a sum of €13,000.

In October 2021 a DSPCA inspector called to a home following complaints from a member of the public about the dog’s welfare. Our inspector saw the dog who was underweight, very lethargic and not behaving normally. The owner of Charlie was advised by our inspector to bring him to a vet, however the following day when he returned the dog was on a public footpath in the same condition. Our inspector seized the dog on welfare ground On examination by the DSPCA veterinary team, Charlie was emaciated, very week, dehydrated, matted and had a very bad odor from faecal matting and fresh diarrhea. Charlie’s bones were visible and he was unable to hold his own body weight. He only weighed 4.8kg.

He would not eat but his weight increased within a day to 5.7 kg just from drinking water. Blood tests taken at the shelter showed that Charlie suffered prolonged starvation. A large firm mass was discovered in his abdomen and he was booked in for surgery. During surgery our vet team discovered a blockage in his intestine caused by a rope/cord material and his stomach was completely blocked.

Praising the DSPCA’s involvement, Judge Anthony imposed fines of €13,000 and banned the woman from pet ownership for five years. He convicted Charlie’s owner of recklessness regarding the health or welfare of her dog and failing to protect and feed him. He also ordered the forfeiture of the dog, which has remained in the care of the DSPCA since it intervened 19 months ago.

The DSPCA accept the ruling and we are very pleased to report that Charlie is a happy dog now weighing in at a healthy 11kg.

Charlie’s Case

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