If you need to surrender your DSPCA Adopted Dog

At the DSPCA, our goal is to see companion animals remain in their homes as cherished family members.

When you choose to have a pet, you must also choose to be a responsible owner and love and provide for your pet for the rest of its life. We do understand that sometimes life gets rough and we have to make difficult decisions. In some cases, that means giving up a beloved pet.

We often see companion animals surrendered at our rescue and Rehoming Centre for behavioral problems. It is worth remembering that if the behaviour has only started recently there may be something physically wrong with your pet. Please contact your own Veterinary Surgeon or The Private Animal Hospital at the DSPCA on 014994780 for a full physical assessment of your pet. If there is nothing physically wrong with your pet, please contact our Dog Training Team for professional training advice on 014994795.

Please remember, you made a promise to your pet when you took it into your home. Your pet has provided you with a gift of love and although sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control, you owe it to your companion to do all that you can to ensure they are happy and healthy and remain part of your life.

If you are having difficulties with a dog that you adopted from the DSPCA

If you can no longer look after a dog that you have adopted from the DSPCA, you will need to call the Adoptions Team and speak to an Adoption Consultant about your options. We are your first point of contact and we will help you with any concerns. There are a couple of options when you are having difficulty with your dog:

  • We would arrange a free assessment with a Head Trainer here at the DSPCA
  • We would recommend that you do training classes here at the shelter
  • We would take the dog back into our care.

Please note that if you have adopted a dog from us, we will always take the dog back into our care if you feel that you can no longer look after them, no matter what. Please call the Adoptions Team on 014994710 or email us at adopt@dspca.ie if you have any concerns. Please DO NOT attempt to rehome your dog yourself. Please trust us to find the best new home for your dog.

Remember that if you are moving abroad you may be able to take your pet with you. Please see http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/pets/ for more information.