Unable to keep your pet?

Giving up a beloved pet

At the DSPCA, our goal is to see companion animals remain in their homes as cherished family members.

When you choose to have a pet, you must also choose to be a responsible owner and love and provide for your pet for the rest of its life. We do understand that sometimes life gets rough and we have to make difficult decisions. In some cases, that means giving up a beloved pet.

We often see companion animals surrendered at our rescue and re-homing centre for behavioral problems. It is worth remembering that if the behavior has only started recently there may be something physically wrong with your pet. Please contact your own Veterinary Surgeon or The Vet Clinic @ The DSPCA for a full physical assessment of your pet.

Other reasons people need to re-home their family pet are financial difficulty, moving abroad or moving to a place that doesn’t allow pets. If these situations are the reasons you are considering surrendering your animal to the DSPCA, we do ask that you read the following information.

Your pets welfare

Please remember, you made a promise to your pet when you took it into your home. Your pet has provided you with a gift of love, and although sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control, you owe it to your companion to do all that you can to ensure they are happy and healthy and remain part of your life.

If you feel you can no longer care for your pet

It is important to note that surrendered animals have a harder time adjusting to shelter life, and in many cases become depressed or develop anxiety.

Ask Friends, family, relatives, co-workers and anybody you know to help get the word out that you are looking to re-home your pet. There is a good chance that somebody might know somebody who is looking for a dog/cat/rabbit or small animal. It will be a much smoother transition for your pet to move from your home to a new home versus going to an animal shelter.

Put an advertisement in the newspaper. Remember you don’t have to give your dog away to the first person who answers. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, and make sure you go visit where the pet will be living and sleeping. Use your best judgement when interviewing potential new owners, and go with your gut feeling about people.

Try posting flyers in veterinary clinics and shops where you have permission.

Remember that if you are moving abroad you may be able to take your pet with you. Please see http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/pets/ for more information.

If you can not find a home for your pet you can send in a request to us here.

Please note that the DSPCA is a charity. Our priority is to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured, neglected and cruelly treated animals. Please do not bring your pet to the DSPCA Rescue and Re-homing centre at the DSPCA unless you have made an agreement with a staff member and have an appointment. If we do agree to take your pet into the rescue and re-homing centre or find a suitable new owner for your pet you will be required to pay a Re-homing Fee which will be agreed with one of our Adoption Consultants.

Animal Surrender Fees

Dogs €100
Plus €40 if not vaccinated or Microchipped

Cats €80
Plus €30 if not vaccinated or Microchipped