Rescue & Cruelty

The DSPCA works in variety of ways to try to stamp out animal cruelty.

Animal Welfare Inspectors

The DSPCA has a dedicated and trained force of Animal Welfare Inspectors.

The Inspectors’ primary role is as follows:

  • To investigate complaints of cruelty and neglect.
  • To provide guidance and education to animal owners where necessary.
  • To initiate prosecutions for offences.
  • To attend to sick and injured stray animals or those which have been abandoned.

If you wish to report an act of cruelty or neglect or if you are concerned for the welfare of an animal, please contact us at 01 4994700

Whilst it will endeavour to respond to all complaints as quickly as possible please remember that the DSPCA is a non-government, community-based charity and is limited in its resources.

Irish Animal Legislation Improvements

The DSPCA works closely with the Irish Government, the Irish Veterinary association and other animal welfare associations both in Ireland and Europe campaigning to get legislation updated and implemented to improve the lives of all animals.

After many years of hard work, we brought about the introduction of The Control of Horses Act in 1996.

This year we have seen the passing of the Wildlife Amendment Act to ban carted Stag Hunting and have just seen the passing of the long-awaited Dog Breeding Establishment Bill 2009.

On 8th March 2014 the new Animal Health and Welfare Act was put into place. This legislation will replace the outdated Protection of Animals Act 1911 as amended 1965. You can find out more here.

Working with Gardai, Veterinary Associations, Social Services & Other People Support Groups

We are working with Gardai, Social Services and other Support Groups to educate on the importance of recognising and prosecuting Animal Cruelty and the link with human violence and other illegal activities.

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) hosted a one-day animal welfare workshop entitled Animal CSI: Using Veterinary Forensics to Make and Win Animal Cruelty Cases in 2009 presented by Melinda Merck, DVM, Sr. Director of Veterinary Forensic Sciences for the ASPCA and Randall Lockwood, PhD, Senior Vice President, Anti-Cruelty Initiatives, ASPCA. Attendees included professionals from the Irish Gardai, Veterinarians & Irish Animal Animal Welfare societies.