Tiffany - adopt
Name Tiffany
Breed Terrier Collie Cross
Age 8 Years
Gender Female
Suitability Children 10+
Live with another dog No
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Adoption Criteria Children 10+
Training Requirements Training will help settle her into a new home

Tiffany is a lively little 8 year old Terrier Collie cross. She came into the shelter with her sibling Rocksteady.  They were adopted when they were just puppies but sadly their family moved and were unable to take them with them. This has been a little tough on both of them but we are happy to say that they are now both doing well and have settled into the shelter. While they did live with each other they are typical siblings and we noticed that they did rile each other up the wrong way sometimes making them both very stressed and agitated. We gradually started to give them both some time apart and they have loved getting all the attention and are doing really well. Check out their video on our Instagram account (@dspcaadoptions)

They are both such happy little dogs and we really feel they will thrive in their own separate homes. They are both best as the only dog in their new home where they can make new friends when out and about on their walks.  Tiffany is great fun and will make a really lovely addition to a loving home.