This is Trigger. He is still with us and making great process.

Our inspectors were called to collect an injured dog from Ashton pound, they had no idea what to expect and then they saw Trigger.

Trigger was found as a stray with multiple wounds to his head. His wounds were infected and there were maggots visibly crawling on him. The discharge all round his wounds smelt really bad and there was a bone protruding from his skull. His face was swollen, he was underweight and completely shut down. To say Trigger was in pain was an understatement.

Trigger was a very good patient and was happy for the vets to handle him and dress his wounds. After months of treatment and healing is now ready to find a home of his very own.

Trigger is great with dogs, in fact he is our go to dog to help socialise other dogs in the shelter. He loves playing!

He loves his food too – in fact we would say he’s obsessed with it which is great for training! He has yet to learn that he will be fed every day and will not be starved like he was before. Trigger likes to beg for food a lot and he can be very vocal when doing so. He will pretty much sing for his supper and will rob food from anywhere! He’s a very nosey boy and has his nose into everything, He’s a big face licker too – so be warned for lots of sloppy kisses.

He is still like a big puppy and will play bite when excited and demand bark when he wants your attention. We have had lots of interest in Trigger but sadly we just haven’t found the right home for him and are still taking applications for him.

For what he has been though Trigger is so forgiving and is finally learning what it’s like to be loved, wanted, have a snuggly bed and a full belly going to bed every night. He deserves to be happy.


This image has graphic content.