A Spay/Neute

  • €45.00

You can help be a part of the solution by supporting the DSPCA’s subsidised spay and neutering programmes. Each year the DSPCA carries out over 3000 neuter surgeries and you can help us with this by sponsoring a cat Spay/Neuter.

Sponsors will receive in their pack:

  • A Photo & Information cert of your support
  • A DSPCA Car Sticker
  • DSPCA Drawstring Bag

Spaying and neutering can help save animals lives. In just a few years, an un-neutered cat and his or her offspring can produce thousands of unwanted homeless and feral kittens who struggle to survive. They can lead pretty dismal lives in our local communities. We see hundreds of homeless cats and kittens come through our doors every year. Most of them are in a terrible state, sick with cat flu, infested with fleas and worms, malnourished, dehydrated and starving.  We work with many experienced fosters who help bottle feed and hand rear kittens who are very close to death and sadly some don’t make it.