Sophia - adopt
Name Sophia
Breed DSH
Age 8 years
Gender Female
Live with a cat No
Live in an apartment Yes
Adoption Criteria Older children/adult household

From the foster family of Sophia the great…. (Aka Sofreea the love bug!)

There is no cure for the bug you will get when Sofreea gets under your skin, its the LOVE bug!

Don't let her appearance fool you! Just because there is an issue with her spine which effects the motor control of her back legs, this does not stop her sprinting up and down the stairs or doing the cat zoomies like a Nascar driver at 4am!

Sofreea is an indoor only cat and would be suited to a pet free home so she can explore safely at her own pace. She loves to watch the TV and gaze out the windows at her royal subjects!

She has lots of energy but most of all she has so much love to give. She isn’t fond of being carried but wants to snuggle beside you and head butts until you give in to her demands for rubs and cuddles. Sofreea is very clean always uses her litter tray and her igloo bed is her royal bunker and a private space for her time alone.

In all she is a beautiful cat with a super personality, a wobbly wonder that has sparked love and joy in our family. We are so sad she cannot stay with our family but the dogs are not a good mix for her.

We cannot wait for her to have the full run of a pet free home where she will have a new safe Kingdom to reign over.

Written by Daniel (15) & Isabelle (11)