Snip n' Chip Horse Castration and Microchipping Campaign

Snip n' Chip Horse Castration and Microchipping Campaign

To avail of this Snip n' Chip Programme for Stallions you will need:

  • Register with the DSPCA by filling in the online form. You will be contacted within 5 working days by a member of the DSPCA.
  • A veterinary surgeon will then arrange to inspect your horse to check it is health and suitable for castration.
  • The horses will be collected and brought to UCD Veterinary Hospital where the animal will undergo the procedure under a general anaesthetic. Please ensure there are no stable or sweat rugs on the horse. The animal will be returned to you within 48 hours. As owner you will be required to sign a surgery consent form.
  • The DSPCA would ask that the payment of €100 be made in advance of collection of the horse and copies of paperwork will be issued with the returned horse.
  • Proof of owner's identity must be provided on the day of inspection and day of collection.
  • Unfortunately, UCD cannot facilitate visits to the Hospital.
  • In the unlikely event of other problems identified or complications, you will be contacted by the DSPCA to discuss further treatment at cost.

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  1. Please try and include distances and landmarks if possible, e.g. 400m past the bridge over Stony Creek on the left hand side. For GPS co-ordinates, please give in this format e.g. 53.12345, -6.12345

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