Shelly (17558) - adopt
Name Shelly (17558)
Breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age 7 Years Old
Gender Female
Suitability Teenagers 14+
Live with another dog No
Live in an apartment Yes
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Training will help her settle into her new home

From the moment Shelly came into the shelter with our inspector it was belly rubs all the way! She is an absolute sweetheart and humans just make her happy. This 7 years old ball of loveliness came to the shelter from the pound. She was found as a stray and we were sure someone was missing her her but sadly no one came looking for her. She was overweight and her teeth were worn down with 2 of her upper K9's fractured. That would have been so terribly sore for poor Shelly, we all know how painful a sore tooth can be and yet she was the sweetest and a great patient. Shelly has had a dental and now feels so much better. Her happy staffie smile that she arrived in with is now even bigger and nothing beats a staffie smile!

Shelly adores humans and we are working on her socialisation with other dogs. It's sad to think that such a happy dog didn't really get to play and interact with other dogs whilst growing up. She is doing well with training and although she won't live with another dog we'll help and her new owner continue with training so that meeting dogs out on her walks won't be too stressful for her. Shelly's love, affection and devotion is going to shine through even more when she settles into her new home  so we're hoping that this happy little smile will steel your heart and the rest will just fall into place.