Secondary Schools

Through in-class talks we can work with all ages of students and are happy to create an age/ability appropriate session tailored to your group’s interests. We can work around any Civics, Social, Political, Science project, and have assisted many students as part of their ‘Community Action Projects’. We can also advise students with regard to Career Guidance.

School Talks are free of charge, donations are always much appreciated.  If you would like some fundraising ideas for your class please click here.

We have a variety of topics we can discuss with students in secondary schools.

  • The Work of the DSPCA Poster
  • Become an Animal Friendly School

Responsible Dog & Puppy Care

  • Questions to Ask Themselves Before They Get a Dog
  • How to choose the Best Dog for Them and Their Families
  • Information on Puppy Farms
  • Safety Around Dogs
  • Introducing your dog to a new baby
  • Flea & Worm Information
  • Cost of Having a Dog

Responsible Cat & Kitten Care

  • Caring for your Cat
  • Caring for your Kitten
  • Flea & Worm Information
  • Cost of Having a Cat

Animal Cruelty and Neglect, what can you do to help?

  • Learn To Recognise Signs of Animal Cruelty
  • Why Do Some Children Abuse Animals?
  • Top Ways You Can Prevent Animal Cruelty and Neglect
  • Animal Hoarding
  • Illegal Dog Fighting

Horse Ownership – What You Need to Know

  • Horse & Pony Care
  • Controlling Your Horse

Feral Cat Colonies

Careers with Animals

Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in the Media

Create a Media Campaign to Raise Awareness of Animal Welfare Issues

  • How to Plan a Media Campaign
  • Media Campaign Planner
  • Media Campaign Evaluation Sheet

Harmful Litter

Obesity in Pets

Exotic Animals as Pets

Coping with the Loss of a Pet

My Pet is Missing…

Mini-Beasts – Friends or Foe

Small animals are not suitable starter pets

Ethics and Animal Welfare:

  • Sports & Hunting Involving Animals (Legal & Illegal)
    • Hare Coursing
    • Badger Baiting
    • Lamping Hunts
  • Animals & Clothes
    • Dogs as Fashion Accessories
    • What is wrong with Fur
    • Animal Products used in the production of clothes
  • Vivisection
    • How to be an Animal Friendly Consumer
    • Using Animals for Testing Cosmetics
    • New Information on the Use of Biocidal Products, (household cleaners) and Animal Testing.
  • Animals for Entertainment
    • Animal Circuses
  • Cosmetic Changes to Animals
    • Tail Docking in Dogs & Other Mutilations in Dogs & Cats
    • Veterinary Ireland Policy – Mutilations Of Animals
  • Animals for Food
    • The Link between Animal Welfare & Food Safety
    • Poultry and Animal Slaughterhouses
    • Pig Power
    • Chickens
  •  Smoking Around Pets

 CSPE Topics

 CSPE Fundraising Pack

The Origins of Dogs and Breed Diversity

The Life Cycle of Dogs

The Origins of the Cat and Breed Diversity

The Life Cycle of the Cat

Appendix to Breed Diversity and Life Cycles of Cats and Dogs

 If you have a topic of interest that is not listed here, please ask and we will do our best to meet your needs. Humane education is an important part of the learning experience.

Please keep an eye on this page as we are working to add more programmes.


To make a booking please email or call 01 4994705.