Rottie Cross Retriever Puppies - adopt
Name Rottie Cross Retriever Puppies
Breed Rottie Cross Retriever Puppies
Age 9 weeks
Gender Male / Female
Suitability Children
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No

These adorable pups are looking for individual families to apply to adopt. As they are just 9 weeks old they will require puppy training to help them grow into well behaved adult dogs. Their suitability with children will be down to correct socialisation from their forever family. This will mean teaching young children to behave around small puppies as well as teaching puppies to behave around the children. Their new owner should expect to deal with all the typical puppy stuff like play biting and toilet training and be prepared to provide them with lots of socialisation. Some conditions may be applied to families with very young children. The DSPCA dog training team have Puppy Training Classes to help all families who welcome a new puppy into their home.