Riley (18262) - adopt
Name Riley (18262)
Breed Lurcher Cross Terrier
Age 6 Years
Gender Female
Suitability Teenagers 12+
Live with another dog No
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Training will help her settle into her new homes

This sweet lady is feeling a little down at the moment. Riley has been in our care since late September. She was found as a stray with a very bad cough and mange. Mange can be so uncomfortable and very painful for dogs and requires lots of treatment. Riley has been a very good patient and we are so pleased to say that she has recovered well.

She is waiting ever so patiently to find that someone special to come along and adopt her - sadly it's been a long wait.  We were so happy to see Riley go to a wonderful foster home for Christmas and below is a little recap and her time spent with her foster daddy Dara. 

"Fostering Riley was an absolute pleasure. This is a very special dog. I live on my own and she was perfect company in the house. I don't think anyone has ever been so excited to see me on a daily basis! She is one of the most loving and affectionate dogs I have had. She loves belly rubs but is equally happy just curling up into a tiny ball beside you on the couch. Any dog lovers that met her during her say really complimented her temperament.

Riley's not a large dog but has a lot of love to give. I was very pleasantly surprised how toilet trained she was considering her past. Not one accident in the house over the 5 weeks. She enjoys her sleep a lot and would curl up in a little ball each night and not stir until morning. She understands where she is supposed to sleep, she will sit for you. She also quickly picked up on when we were going for a walk and parked herself on the mat at the front door patiently waiting for her harness to be put on!

Riley doesn't really shed at all - hardly any fur left around the house. She greets all guests with excitement and a waggy tail.... she probably wouldn't be a good guard dog! Evidently Riley has forgiven humans for the horrible past and is happy to see everyone and greets them with her butt shaking dance!

Initially Riley does bark at other dogs. We did work on this together - easily distracted by treats or by simply continuing to walk on by. She was kept on lead when out walking in parks. That said, we did a lot of walks with friend's dogs and she adapted very quickly to their company and there was no yapping.  Riley will be a very special addition to the home of whoever is lucky enough to adopt her in time."