Riley (18262) - adopt
Name Riley (18262)
Breed Lurcher Cross Terrier
Age 6 Years
Gender Female
Suitability Teenagers 16+
Live with another dog No
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Training will help her settle into her new homes

Oh Riley we're so sorry you've been so poorly treated in your previous life, but we promise we'll find you a forever family who will adore you for all the rest of your days!

Sweet Riley was transferred to us from another rescue due to the extensive veterinary care she required. Riley came to us with a severe cough, and suffering from an incredibly painful skin infection; her poor coat was covered in sore skin lesions and was so hot to touch; we can't imagine how uncomfortable she's been. On top of all this Riley has been suffering dental disease and was very underweight. We all know how painful toothache can be! Despite ALL of this, Riley has remained her upbeat, happy-go-lucky, affectionate, ray-of-sunshine self. She has been such a little trooper! 

Riley is now doing a lot better and is ready for her next chapter with a loving family who will adore her as much as we do - she really does deserve it! She has gone through so much, and with her treatment the vets have advised us she'd suit being the only dog in the home, for now but she can't wait to make lots of new doggy friends - plus we really think she deserves to be a spoilt rotten "only child". 

Lurchers make really wonderful pets. Although they are tall and all legs, they can be light on their paws, curl up in the smallest of beds or stretch out full length of the couch! They love to run off lead and burn energy and then have a lovely lounge and snooze after. Exercise is so important for all dogs and lurchers are no different. Riley loves her walks and adores cuddles. She loves sniffing and sussing out new areas. Riley is going to make a really wonderful addition to her forever home. Could this gorgeous girl be the one you've been waiting for?