Regular Volunteering Opportunities

Do You Qualify?

1. Are you willing to make a monthly commitment of at least 8 hours per month for at least 6 months?  The rota is sent out the week before the start of each month so you would need to be able to state your shift hours and days in advance of the month start.
2. You must have transportation directly to our rescue and rehoming centre. All bus routes only come within 1/2 to 2 miles from our rescue and rehoming centre and there are no footpaths on and leading up to Mount Venus Road so for the safety of our volunteers we ask that volunteers either drive themselves or get a lift directly to the centre.
3. Are you at least 16 years old or older?  For insurance purposes all volunteers must be 16 years old or older.  We cannot take any volunteers who are under 16 even with adult supervision.
4. New Health & Safety regulations require anyone working in Animal Welfare must have a current Tetanus shot so all new volunteers must be up to date with their Tetanus requirements.
5. Can you commit to the shift hours listed below?
Volunteer shift hours are:

Monday to Sunday: 9am-5pm, 9am-1pm, 12:30pm-5pm or 5pm-8pm

Email Barry at to register.

Regular Volunteering Opportunities

Dog Treatment Centre
When dogs are brought into the shelter they are placed in isolation units until they are seen by a vet or vet nurse. Animals with special conditions or that require kennel rest are also kept in isolation until they are ready for rehoming. A critical part of our work is keeping their kennels clean, giving them attention and activity and making sure that they are as comfortable as possible. You will receive training on how to clean the kennels and care for the dogs.

Dog Rehoming Kennels/Pet Boarding
Dog lovers are welcome to join us as a Dog Kennel volunteer where you will clean kennels, feed, walk and socialize dogs. Our brand new dog’s kennels or “doggy apartments” are open and we need lots of help to run them. We especially need help in the summer time as we no longer have the assistance of work experience students. We won’t lie to you, it’s a lot of hard work, but the animals need you and sure, we could all do with more exercise, right?

Cattery/Cat Hotel Volunteer
Do you love cats and kittens? Then we invite you to work in our cattery. A cattery volunteer will do pod cleaning, litter tray cleaning, feeding and socializing with the cats and kittens. Kitten season starts in early Spring and lasts throughout the summer. During this time we receive a high number of cats and kittens and we need strong volunteer support to keep the pods in tip-top shape.

DSPCA Education Department
The DSPCA run an Education Programme which include talks in schools, crèches, colleges and to after school groups.  If you would like to volunteer in this department and are available during the working day please contact