PURINA®PRO PLAN® DOG Medium Adult - Sensitive Digestion with OPTIDIGEST™ - 14Kg

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Our food for dogs with sensitive digestion contains OPTIDIGEST, and is a complete pet food for medium sized dogs. If your dog has trouble with a sensitive digestion, help him make the most of mealtimes with food that is specially tailored to his digestion and size. Our food for dogs with sensitive digestion contains a vet- and nutritionist-developed combination of nutrients specific to your dog’s age, size and needs called OPTIDIGEST. The balance of vitamins and minerals has been adjusted specifically for medium-sized adult dogs, and it is also suitable for gestating or lactating bitches. The prebiotic source in OPTIDIGEST is clinically proven to improve one of the common causes of sensitive digestion, intestinal microflora imbalance. It also encourages good faecal consistency, ensuring your dog’s digestion is working as smoothly as it can. Our sensitive digestion dog food is carefully cooked to help provide as much goodness as possible in each bite, with the taste of chicken for your dog to enjoy. Easily digestible and full of the key nutrients for his needs, PURINA® PRO PLAN® DOG with OPTIDIGEST can keep your dog on the road to long term health.