PURINA® PRO PLAN® DOG Small and Mini Adult with OPTIHEALTH™ - 7Kg

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PURINA<sup>®</sup> PRO PLAN<sup>®</sup> DOG Small and Mini Adult with OPTIHEALTH is a complete small breed dog food for small and mini size dogs. Your dog might be smaller than others, but his needs are just as complex, so to give your small dog the right nutrients for his size, choose OPTIHEALTH.

It’s a complete small breed dog food that keeps your adult dog in good condition through tasty and balanced meals. Not only rich in chicken it contains OPTIHEALTH, a combination of specifically selected nutrients at appropriate levels for your dog’s size.

OPTIHEALTH helps take care of your dog’s heart, teeth and joints, as well as improving their intestinal health through fibre content. For a healthy, energetic dog that loves to share life’s adventures with you, give them PURINA<sup>®</sup> PRO PLAN<sup>®</sup> DOG with OPTIHEALTH.