Cane Corso Cross Puppies - adopt
Name Cane Corso Cross Puppies
Breed Cane Corso Cross
Age 12 weeks old
Gender Male/Female
Suitability Children 16+
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No

Sox, Oddball, Speedy, Stripe, Bosco and Ducky. These 12 week old puppies are Cane Corso Cross puppies. They have all been in foster homes and are now back with us and ready for adoption. They are very good little puppies with lovely temperaments.

They are going to be large breeds when they are fully grown. We are happy to rehome these puppies to families with young kids provided they have experience with similar breeds. If you are interested in adopting one of these puppies please "Register Your Interest" and a member for the adoptions team will call you. 

When adopting a puppy please expect all the natural behaviours that come with any puppy. Puppies will chew things, play bite, jump, be a little bit naughty, possibly cry at bed time and when left alone. They need toilet training, lead training, recall training and lots and lots of socialisation with other dogs and people. Training is so important for all puppies and on-going training throughout their teenage years is especially important as this is when lots of families struggle with their new adolescent puppy!