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Vitakraft Meat Sticks



Mouth-watering 93% meat chew sticks, easy to break into small portions for rewards on the go. Each stick is packed full of vitamins, sugar free, with no colours, preservatives or flavour enhancers.
Vitakraft Beef-Sticks® are extra special dog snacks. These tasty chew sticks have a very high meat content (93%), which is bound to delight any canine! The practical scored lines along the sticks make them easy to break into smaller portions, so they are ideal for use as training rewards, as well as for snacking between meals. Vitakraft Beef-Sticks® are a high quality product, free from artificial colourings, preservatives or flavour enhancers. The sugar free recipe also contains essential vitamins, providing your dog with a natural, species-appropriate chew snack. Each stick is in its own sealed pack to maintain freshness, so your doggie can look forward to a fresh and tasty snack every time.

Vitakraft Beef-Sticks® at a glance:

  • Delicious chew snack for dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • Ideal as a varied snack for between meals or as a healthy reward
  • Very high meat content: 93% meat
  • Easy to break into smaller portions
  • With essential vitamins
  • No colourings, flavour enhancers or preservatives
  • Individually wrapped for freshness

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