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Smartbone Mini 8 Pack



SmartBones Mini – 8 Pack

Available in Beef & Chicken 

What could be better for your dog than a good old fashioned bone to chew on? These superb SmartBones Mini Bones, that’s what.

Expertly formulated and produced to deliver maximum taste whilst helping to aid your dog’s health and conditioning at the same time, the Mini Bones are an ideal choice for any responsible owner.

Delivering all of the oral health benefits of a rawhide chew but without the potentially dangerous rawhide, simply chewing the Mini Bones helps to break down and remove plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth. Build-ups of those nasties are what lead to bad breath and other more serious problems, so getting rid of them is really important to you and your furry friend.

That’s not the only benefit of these special treats, either, as each Mini Bone within the handy eight pack also features just 50 calories and is enriched with vitamins and minerals, making them an ideal addition to a healthy overall diet.

Pack Quantity: 8

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