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Pawsley Real Meaty Treat Dog Advent Calendar


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The perfect christmas gift for dogs that deserve to be spoilt, the Good Boy Pawsley Meaty Treats Advent Calendar for Dogs provides total luxury with tasty treats behind every door.

Getting your pet involved in the Christmas spirit and providing them with a delicious, healthy and natural meaty treat they’ll love, the Good Boy Pawsley Meaty Treats Advent Calendar is made with 100% natural meat treats for a tantalising snack treat every day.

Each advent calendar contains six favourites from the all natural treat collection from Pawsley and Co:

  • Chewy Chicken Strips
  • Duck Bites
  • Crunchy Chicken and Calcium Bones
  • Chewy Chicken Dumbbells
  • Chewy Chicken Stars
  • Chicken Bites

Safety Note: Always supervise your pet with chews and treats. Dispose of any smaller pieces that come loose to prevent the risk of choking.  Always read safety instructions on the packaging before use. Ensure fresh, clean water is available at all times. This pack may include a deodoriser sachet which must be discarded and not fed to your dog.