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Lickimat Wobble


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A fun wobble food toy for cats and dogs the LickiMat WOBBLE Treat Bowl is a fresh and innovative new approach to keeping dogs amused and entertained for many minutes of tasty fun.

A fun food game designed to help prevent boredom and anxiety the LickiMat WOBBLE Treat Bowl is perfect for de-stressing your dog, with a unique design that can be used anywhere in the home. Dogs and cats love to lick and engage with food, with increasing licking encouraging the release of endorphins which relaxes and satisfies your pet. A simple yet innovative range of effective boredom busting solutions the LickiMat collection is perfect for spreading with your pets favourite treat or food encouraging them to merrily lick away. This keeps them satisfied, occupied and engaged in healthy and stimulating activity to improve their wellbeing and ensure a rewarding and beneficial challenge they’ll keep coming back to for more. It’s also great as a slow feeder for pets helping to prevent bloat reduce eating speed effectively.

An extremely versatile design that can be used with a variety of treats or food the LickiMat WOBBLE Treat Bowl is suitable for all cats, puppies, small and medium dogs ensuring a rewarding and engaging food challenge that helps to keep your pet relaxed, whilst slowing down eating and benefitting their health and wellbeing with essential enrichment and stimulation.  Available in two vibrant, modern colours (orange or green) it has been developed as a tasty boredom buster that encourages your pet to seek out every delicious morsel from the bowl with their tongue.  It’s a medical-free way to promote calm behaviour in your pet while they are home alone or during stressful times like storms, helping to keep them occupied and entertained, whilst the repetitive licking action soothes your pet releasing a calming hormone into the body. Licking also enhances the sense of taste allowing your pet to enjoy just a small amount of food, and stimulates saliva production helping to clean the tongue, teeth and gums and aid digestion whilst providing a tasty treat they’ll love.