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Ancol Tropical Fruits Shampoo


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With the vibrant scents of Coconut, Chamomile and Aloe Vera, Ancol Tropical Fruits Shampoo & Conditioner Concentrate is formulated to be effective on all coat types, including dogs with sensitive skin and puppies.

Designed to be soothing yet invigorating, this effective mix will ensure your pet’s coat is left healthy and will not dry out.

Naturally strong and effective, yet mild on sensitive skin, all Ancol Shampoos contain essential oils for their cleansing properties, beautiful scents and unique skin and coat care.

Produced in the UK for guaranteed quality, the Ancol Coat Care range will ensure your pet has a glossy coat and a wagging tail.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes but if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Avoid getting water in the pet’s inner ear. Store out of reach of children and animals.