Pogo (18583) and Blake (18582) - adopt
Name Pogo (18583) and Blake (18582)
Breed Lurcher Collie Cross
Age 11 weeks
Gender Male
Suitability Children of all ages
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment Yes
Live with a cat No
Adoption Criteria I would benefit from Puppy Training Classes
Training Requirements I would benefit from Puppy Training Classes

Darling little Blake & Pogo have had quite a disruptive start to their lives, and are now looking for their forever families who can offer them the loving and stable homes they so desperately deserve - Please note the boys will be rehomed separately.

Dicey & Pogo were transferred to the DSPCA from another rescue. Because they were so tiny when they arrived to us they went straight into a foster home, where they have been flourishing ever since. Here is what the family had to say about them: "Dicey and Pogo have been the best boys while they've been staying with us. They love their food, playing, having zoomies, and lots of cuddles. We know they're going to make their new families so happy!"

The boys are classic puppies with all the usual puppy traits, such as teething, play biting, jumping etc. Puppies also grow very quickly, and these boys are no exception, so children in the home will need to be comfortable and confident around bouncy pups. We would strongly advise their families to attend Puppy Training classes to support them through the puppy stage; as Lurchers are also known as little crocodiles when puppies! The DSPCA Dog Training team can assist with arranging training classes. 

With the right introduction they could live with a cat, and pending a meet they could live with another dog in the home.