Apply to Adopt Two Bonded Rabbits

  • Name:Two Bonded Rabbits
  • Suitability:All ages
  • Live in an apartment:Yes
  • Adoption Status:Available for Adoption

Two Bonded Rabbits

Thank you for choosing to adopt rabbits from the DSPCA. To apply, please fill out the application form below. We will then get in touch with you with more details on the rabbits we have available and arrange for you to meet them.

Please make sure that before you think about adopting a rabbit you have a full indoor set up ready for them to live in that is a minimum of 120 x 60cm.

Rabbits require proper housing, bedding, food, enrichment, exercise and vet visits. Rabbits are easily litter trained and can happily live indoors. Rabbits are not just pets for young children to look after, all the family must be on board to look after and care for any new pet coming into the home.

Make sure you have a plan in place if you are going on holidays, you can not just leave food and water and expect them to be ok while you’re away. We have seen too many rabbits and guinea pigs being abandoned so please make sure that you are in a position to look after them and provide them with everything they need.

All our rabbits have been spayed or neutered.


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