Meet Smurf… Smurf is 2 years old and hasn’t had the best start in life. Due to this Smurf can be nervous when meeting some people at first, particularly men & people who have noisy clothes (like work mens trousers).

Once she trusts someone she is the most affectionate girl! She will need an understanding owner who has experience with large nervous dogs and will be her voice when she is meeting new people. Encouraging people to go slow, give her space and not put too much pressure on her to interact instantly. For this reason she would be best suited to a home with low human traffic even after restrictions lift. An adult only home is a must.

She is an energetic girl who would suit an actively family. She loves her walks but is very strong on lead, she adores training and is eager to please so would suit someone with a keen interest in training! Smurf loves agility! She plays well with some dogs but like most humans, she is not a fan of everyone she meets. She enjoys the on lead company of other dogs on her daily walks in the shelter. She would not be suited to a dog park environment but with the right owner she is very much capable of enjoying canine company on her walks.

She is a clever girl who loves to learn and does so very fast. Her new owner must commit to training to help her owner come her insecurities.

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