Cinnamon Bun & Pretzel

  • Name:Cinnamon Bun & Pretzel
  • Pet ID number:23575 & 23576
  • Breed:Mixed Lops
  • Age:9 Months
  • Gender:Females
  • Suitability:All ages
  • Live in an apartment:Yes
  • Adoption Status:Available for Adoption

Cinnamon Bun & Pretzel

These two sisters came in from our inspectors after their owner could no longer looking after them properly. They are only 9 months old and are such sweet girls. They love exploring everything by standing on their back legs to observe what’s going on! They are a little skittish with people initially due to not having the best start in life, but they quickly come around and love veggies like broccoli and cabbage and do enjoy the company of people as well as each other. They are the cutest things when lounging in their pod chilling out 🙂

Thank you for choosing to adopt a small animal from the DPSCA. Please make sure to do your research on how to care for a small animal before considering adopting. We recommend rabbits be kept indoors with an enclosure that’s a minimum of 140 x 60cm for two rabbits with free roaming time around the home.

Rabbits require proper housing, bedding, food, enrichment, exercise and vet visits. Small animals are not just pets for young children to look after, all the family must be on board to look after and care for any new pet coming into the home. We have seen too many being abandoned so please make sure that you are in a position to look after them and provide them with everything they need.

All our rabbits are spayed/neutered.

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