Penny (17650) - adopt
Name Penny (17650)
Breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age 7 Years
Gender Female
Suitability Teenagers 15+
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Training will help her settle into her new home

Can everyone take a moment to say hello to this very sweet lady, Penny. Penny came to the shelter from the pound after she was found as a stray. This dear lady was very unwell when she came in. She was overweight and had mammary lumps and needed surgery to remove them. She has been such a good patient for the vets and thankfully has recovered well.

Penny is such a lovable lady and her heart is certainly in the right place. She spent time in a foster home where we discovered that she adores her walks and for a 7 year old she is pretty energetic. She gets giddy and loves to run for a short distance and you should see that Staffie smile when she does - it's simply heart melting!

She loves her food, a little too much but with her new exercise regimen she's loosing weight and it has done wonders for her. Penny is a happy girl and she's best as the only dog in the home and with children 15+. Unfortunately she doesn't like cats. She can be a little hard of hearing and this is probably why she chats a little louder than some dogs. She's a love bug who just wants to be loved and cuddled. She has a soft heart and a pure soul and with the long winter months ahead Penny will be the perfect hot water bottle for you to cuddle.

Will you give this girl a chance?