Padraig Pearse (19710) - adopt
Name Padraig Pearse (19710)
Breed Lurcher Cross
Age 4 Months
Gender Male
Suitability Children 10+
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Puppy Training will help him settle into his new home

Padraig our little lurcher puppy was found in a pillow case at just 8 weeks old, with his sibling. They were both unwell when they arrived to the DSPCA but thankfully they both responded well to their treatment and are now happy bouncy puppies ready for adoption. 

As they are only puppies their new owners should expect all the usual puppy traits; Chewing, teething, play biting, jumping up & toilet training. They would  be suitable to homes with children, however. children in their new home will need to be comfortable and confident around bouncy puppies. They are looking for homes individually but would be suitable to live with another dog. As they are still quiet young, with the right introduction they may also be suitable to live with a cat

Lurchers are one of the most sweetest breeds. They are all legs and love. They are known to be couch potatoes and this is true but only after they have been well exercised and given time for zoomies. All puppies require puppy training to help both them and their owner settle into a daily routine.