Kitten Season

Kitten Season: Summer is known as “kitten season” because the warm weather acts as a catalyst for bringing un-spayed female cats into heat, usually every 3 weeks. One female cat can have at least 2-3 litters during these months, many of whom will enter the feral or stray cat population struggling to survive. How You Can Help Spay and neuter your cat, even if they never go outdoors.

As soon as a kitten is over 2 months old and weighs over 2 pounds, they can safely be neutered. Donate funds, supplies and time to your local animals rescue or cat shelter. Volunteer to bottle-feed or foster kittens for the DSPCA or your local shelter. Although it can be a big commitment for the first few weeks of the kitten’s life, it is a hugely rewarding experience. During kitten season there is a greater demand for foster families. Get involved with our TNR programme (trap, neuter, return) for feral community cats. This means trapping the cats safely, having them spayed or neutered with the DSPCA on same day, and then returning them to their habitats.

The life of a feral cat is pretty dismal, but with TNR, at least they won’t create more feral cats who have to live out the same existence. “TNR is an effective way to reduce feral and stray cat populations over time and reduce the amount of unwanted feral and strays. This is a subsidized service and costs €25.00. For a deposit, we can provide the cat trap to facilitate. If you have found a litter of kittens, we can help you, please contact [email protected] and we will rehome them safely and responsibly.