Missy (22080) - adopt
Name Missy (22080)
Breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age 1.5 years old
Gender Female
Suitability Teenagers 16+
Live with another dog No
Live in an apartment Yes
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Training will help her settle into her new home

This funny, sassy girl came into the DSPCA as a stray and unfortunately was never reclaimed. She has all the best qualities of a staffy including that winning smile. She is really playful and wants to lap up all the attention. She could potentially live in an apartment if given plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. She is good with other dogs but prefers to potter and run with them rather than play. She could potentially live with a quiet dog pending a dog meet. Can you give this happy go lucky girl a loving home?

Country of origin: Ireland - Microchip 972274200419930