Why microchip your pet

Microchipping your dog is a legal requirement in Ireland and is the most effective and easy way of reuniting owners with their pet should he/she ever go missing. It is also your proof ownership of your dog.

The microchip itself is a tiny chip which is inserted between the dog’s shoulder blades. Each chip contains a unique 15-digit code which allows your dog to be easily identified should it be brought to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter. This is done using a microchip scanner.

The microchip's unique 15-digit code is registered with FIDO (a Government approved microchip database)  with your details and your dog’s details. When your dog has been registered you will receive a FIDO microchip certificate via the post within 2/3 weeks.

 DSPCA Microchip Clinics

The DSPCA will be running a series of Microchipping Clinics where you can book in and have your dog microchipped and registered for a significantly reduced rate of only €10.00.  

Our first Microchipping Clinic will take place Saturday 28th January 2023 between 11.30-4.30pm - To book a ticket and to read important information for those attending click HERE

Please visit this page regularly to see updated locations and special cat chipping clinics.

 My pet is chipped, how can I check it registered properly?

 If your pet is already microchipped and you wish to check it’s registered correctly to you,  you can cross-check with  Chip Check