Max (18285) - adopt
Name Max (18285)
Breed Terrier cross German Shepard
Age 7 months
Gender Male
Suitability Children 14+
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Training will help me settle into my new home

Meet Max an absolute goof ball. Max is a very social and bubbly dog and loves attention. He loves being outside and adores his walks on the beach (despite being scared of the water!!) 

Max is a very clever dog and picked up on all his training super fast. Max has the potential to be a super loyal and diligent dog with the right owners. Max has a lot of love to give and wants to come everywhere with you. He is bouncy at times, which comes with being a puppy and he just requires more training. He loves his toys especially his kong toys filled with treats, but most of all he just loves to have  love and attention. Max can be a bit bouncy at times so we could discuss him living with younger children who understand his bounciness. Max could potentially live with another dog pending a dog meet.