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Make a Will:
How it Works

Advice & Terms

This website is designed to help you prepare your Will, which should include a charity donation to the DSPCA. Your will is one of the most important documents you will sign in life, so it is important you understand what it is you are signing.


You will need to appoint at least one executor in your will, and we recommend two. An executor looks after your affairs and administers your estate after you die. Please give strong consideration as to who you would like to appoint as your executor(s).


You can leave specific gifts to individual beneficiaries or a group of beneficiaries. Please ensure you identify each beneficiary clearly so there is no ambiguity as to who you are including.

Please ensure you consider all those who may appear to be entitled to benefit from your estate. Should you then decide not to include someone, it may lead to litigation after your death, so please read the general advices in 3 & 4 below.

Should you be considering such action, please contact O’Shea Barry Solicitors to discuss this further.