Lurcher- Waiting List - adopt
Name Lurcher- Waiting List
Breed Lurcher
Age Adult - Age will be given
Gender Male/Female
Suitability Children 10+
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment Yes
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements May require training if advised by adoption consultant

We have some adult lurchers that are looking for homes. They are currently in foster homes but will be back in the shelter soon. Lurcher are great pets. They are tall dogs so please make sure you are looking for a large dog if applying. Lurchers can vary is size too some being a lot taller than others. We can discuss size and temperament in more detail with you.

Lurchers are very affectionate and love human company. They love nothing more than lounging on the couch (be prepared for this!) after their exercise. They love to and need to have off lead time where they can run around in an enclosed safe environment. They burn energy very quickly but will happily do 2 walks a day for approx. 45mins per walk. They can be vocal when playing and love playing "bitey face" with other dogs. They do feel the cold and need a coat in colder weather. Adult training classes will help dogs settle into family life. Continuous training is also very important for dogs and their owners.