Loki (16582) - adopt
Name Loki (16582)
Breed Labrador Cross
Age 8 Years old
Gender Male
Suitability Adults
Live with another dog Yes
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Training Requirements Training will be a must

Oh Loki, what a terrible start in life you've had. Loki came into our care through the inspectors, and boy what an atrocious state he was in! His coat was matted, patchy and thinning, with sores and hot spots throughout - he needed lots of vet treatment and regular medical baths to help soothe his sore skin. Confused about wanting affection and comfort from his pain, but trepid and scared by whatever may have happened in his past. He was so headshy and nervous when he first arrived, he was scared of trusting staff and struggled with leads and getting his collar on and off, he barely wanted to leave his kennel he was so shut down.

But what a brilliant rebound our brave boy has made! Through training, time, trust building, and his brilliant tenacity Loki never quit trying to love again. We are so incredibly proud to say that Loki isn't nearly the dog he was when he first arrived to our care. He now adores cuddles, seeks out human interaction and affection, and Loki now thoroughly looks forward to having his lead clipped on him and going on walks and sniffs. Despite his age Loki is incredibly puppy-like in his interactions with other dogs and can be so playful and fun - Loki can still be unsure with some dogs, but with the right dog who could show him the ropes in his new home, pending a meet, Loki could live with a pal in the home.

Loki is more than ready to find his perfect forever family, he's been waiting long enough and deserves all the love in the world, because oh boy will he love his new family ten-fold. Can you offer our loving Loki his fresh start at life?