KONG Nibble Caterpillar with Catnip

  • €6.50
  • A tempting, textural toy perfect for lots of batting and clawing fun
  • Made with premium quality easy-grip open netted material that cleans and polishes teeth when chewed
  • Provides lots of sensory stimulation and healthy activity for cats of all sizes
  • Highly durable for long lasting fun
  • Fulfils your cats instinctual desire to chase, hunt and capture
  • Lightweight and colourful ensuring engaging chasing, batting and wrestling action
  • With KONG Premium North American catnip sparking your cats playful side for even more fun
KONG Nibble Critters' toys appeal to a cat's natural instinctive desire to claw and bat with an easy-grip mesh fabric. The open netting material cleans and polishes teeth while allowing KONG Premium North American Catnip aromas to flow freely and stimulate a cat's natural curiosity and hunting instincts.

Features & details

  • Enticing easy-grip fabric for clawing and batting fun
  • Textured material cleans and polishes teeth