Jordan (16166) - adopt
Name Jordan (16166)
Breed Border Collie Cross
Age 11 years old
Gender Male
Suitability 16+
Live with another dog No
Live in an apartment No
Live with a cat No
Adoption Criteria Teenagers 16+

Where do we begin with Jordan? Our most heartbreaking story yet. When he first arrived to the shelter as a stray Jordan was completely shut down and was in such a terrible way. He was freezing cold due to his thinned coat and his skin was so sore and hot to touch. He was in such incredible pain and desperately needed lots of vet care. Thankfully Jordan has made an astonishing recovery and has such a phenomenal comeback story. The scars of straying were so prominent in Jordan when he first arrived; so nervous, shy and fearful of anyone and everything. Jordan has since flourished under the care of the amazing shelter staff and through time, training, and trust building Jordan now loves going on his walks, adores playing fetch, and will seek out a little back scratch here and there too! As one of our longest standing residents, in order to refamiliarise him with home life and help him settle better into his new forever home, one of our lovely staff members has been taking him on home visits, where he's been doing really well.

Being an older distinguished gentleman, Jordan thrives from routine and is looking for a loving family in a quite, rural, home where he can live out his retirement by the fire on a comfy bed. Don't be fooled by his wise 11 years, Jordan still looks forward to his walks and sniffs and would love nothing more than to potter around the garden. 

Jordan is such an fabulous companion dog and will make an amazing addition to any family who welcomes him in with loving open arms.